An open for visit & wine testing winery in Kos

Α new age Winery with modern aesthetics whose primary goal is to set and impose all the standards for higher quality wine production . The winery is certified with ISO22000 and is equipped with state of the art machinery.

On the ground floor are the most modern in the industry presses and the stainless steel vinifactors. In the lower floors you find our high quality French oak barrels for the ageingof our wines . That is where the wines spend the most important part of their journey in a controlled environment in order to maintain them under the optimum conditions, showing our dedication to these wines our attention to detail and our obsession with quality.

In our elegant reception areas our trained staff provide an unforgettable journey into our wines while enjoying the beautiful view of the Aegean. In addition there is a permanent gallery with works of Greek painters.


Our winery is located at the foot of Mount Dikeos in the middle of the island, overlooking the sea and the vineyards. During the summer months the sun sets in front of our visitor’s eyes, painting the scenery with a fairytale orange colour.The impeccable architecture and beauty of the area, along with the favourable position of the winery and the excellent amenities that are offered, are the key ingredients to accommodate the most beautiful moments of your life exactly as you dreamed them of…

• Outdoor capacity of 500 people for a seated dinner buffet
• Outdoor capacity of 700 people for a cocktail party
• Secondary external patio area (with partial coverage) capacity of 140 people for a seated lunch buffet
• Secondary external patio area (with partial coverage) capacity of 250 people for a cocktail party
• Interior capacity of 200 people for a cocktail party
• Facilities at the cellar with a capacity of 20 persons for a service meal for special events
• Outdoor pool at the entrance
• Room for freshen up-preparation of the couple


Room Decorating
• Illuminated stone oven
• Decoration service available upon request
Functional Benefits
• Ability to tour the winery’s premises
• Modern audiovisual facilities and Dj’s with great experience
• Comfortable Parking Lot
• Housekeeping staff
• SecurityCollaborations
• Photographers
• Event organising companies
• Decoration services

Operating Hours and Seasons
• Hours of operation without restriction
• Opened from early May until end of October